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About Me

Purple Sea Face & Body Art

Waterproof fixer & Cameleon Face & Bodypaint gave this customer a look to rock all day in the heat!

In business in Southwestern Wisconsin for over nine years, we provide many great services to make your next party or promotional event one that will be remembered!

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What We Do

We stand out from the rest!  In A competitive market, we provide quality service &superior service.

Purple Sea Face & Body Art offers a selection of fun options that are sure to please everyone from young children to the Chairman of the Board!

  • Airbrush Tattoos (waterproof)
  • Glitter Tattoos (waterproof)
  • Face painting 
  • Henna

Product Safety

Cameleon Professional Face & Bodypaint - FDA and EU Compliant, cruelty free, vegan

Purple Sea Face & Body Art only uses products that are FDA and EU compliant.  Most of the face paint is Cameleon Professional Face and Body Makeup, and the product used for airbrush tattoos is made by Pro-Aiire. Glitter used for glitter tattoos is super-fine cosmetic grade made from polyester and cut differently than craft glitter, which can be made from metal and square but, which is more likely to cause eye injuries.

Cameleon Face & Bodypaint